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Farzad Azad Bio


I was born on July 5th, 1961 in Iran Tehran to an educated mother and father who provided me everything I asked for except a motorbike, as they knew what disasters I was capable of doing. My elementary school was fun and somewhat disciplined due to the fact that I went to the same school that my mom was a teacher in, and all my mother's friends were my teachers. For some unknown reasons, they assumed that I was good at academic work..Not! 


My earliest memory was at 7 years old when I learned that Bobby Kennedy had been shot.


My dad was an AA degree college graduate, and with that degree he went into school for sound engineering and recording, and became a professional recordist. He started recording everything for the Shah of Iran and went on many travels to other countries. I grew up with my dad being on radio and television. One of the things I always looked forward to was my dad bringing me little toy soldiers from all the different countries he traveled to.


My mom was the first woman from both sides of the family to become a driver, and she did so in 1964. That year, my father bought her a 1965 Ford Anglia.


I was born into a very happy family. My parents were always supporting me and anything that I wanted to do except riding motorcycles. I can tell you that they gave me everything that I ever asked for.


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